The Origins

The original Buccaneers show was devised during lockdown due to the pandemic in 2020. Ian and Annie of AMA Theatre Co., wanted to create something fun and with a feelgood factor. The idea of a band of silly pirates came to mind that could incorporate music and comedy as well as telling a basic story of people striving for a better life. With the pirates having been locked down themselves in Davy Jones Locker for 300 years, there was scope to make analogies with the current lockdown everyone was enduring.

With live venues closed and people unable to mix, Ian and Annie created the entire one-hour film mainly in their small living room using computer technology to create the world of The Buccaneers.

Below you can see a documentary on AMA Theatre Co. and how they made the film and the full original film.


Full Film

Louise Penn from @loureviews wrote a lovely review in 2021 ( you can read the full online review here) -

Anne Bonny and her three daft henchmen tell us their stories, they weave a deeply enjoyable show which made me laugh a lot.

The scene-chewing ‘Jack Calico’, surely the curious cousin of Sparrow of the Caribbean, steals the show. Some feat with the amusing and mysterious Bates and the mad Scot of Culloden around.

Taking inspiration from Captain Pugwash, Treasure Island, The Pirates of Penzance and the folk songs of Ireland, The Buccaneers is well worth a look. AMA Theatre are a fab team who do all their productions themselves and have done a lovely job here.

The Buccaneers Legend has changed and developed dramatically since the original conception two years ago and continues to grow organically.